Skateboard update

image imageIn art for the past couple of weeks we have been painting your  skateboards I’m doing a batman theme on my board have a look. You can click on the photos for a link to the art blog.

3 thoughts on “Skateboard update

  1. Hi Fletcher
    I loved you skate board, I love that you had a team my skate board doesn’t have a team and I also love the colour it suits the batman theme. The only thing that would have made your post better is maybe you could have put it into a video showing why you chose the team, colours, and explain it. Or you could even type up those things.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Lauren

  2. Hi fletcher
    I like how you added Mrs canys blog as a link.You said making your skateboards it is my skateboard but other than that great blog post.

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