Charles Edward Kingsford smith

Hello everyone this is a photo of my biography  this are photos of my cereal box and my modelling clay and toothpick of the plane southern cross. “Oh I nelly forgot if you don’t know how I’m talking about its charle Edward Kingsford smith”

hire are some links to some websites for were I got My information from

2 thoughts on “Charles Edward Kingsford smith

  1. Hi fletcher
    Your biography has excellent detail with every picture.
    Your box was not fully done but I like how you but a map on the front and put pins to the places you have been.
    You could improve by finishing your box next time.
    From Blake

  2. Hi fletcher
    Your presentation was excellent you model plane looked real it’s a real shame know one knows how Charles died. Maby next time make the writing a bit neater so I can read it otherwise it was amazing

    From Alana

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