Poling day

to day the 26/6/2017 we did political Party’s my party was thick foliage in how party we what to upgrade playgrounds more playgrounds and more trees. in the group we have Leon Scott Wilson Alex and me. Today I think I wasn’t contributing to the group that much but I did. next time I will focus more on the work no’t on mucking around. 75% we were successful most of us got didstracdid and we mucked around but we all worked together.

Charles Edward Kingsford smith

Hello everyone this is a photo of my biography  this are photos of my cereal box and my modelling clay and toothpick of the plane southern cross. “Oh I nelly forgot if you don’t know how I’m talking about its charle Edward Kingsford smith”

hire are some links to some websites for were I got My information from adb.anu.edu.au

Sovereign hill Camp reflection

On may the 10th, we had to get up early and we all got to school at 7:30 to 7:45. The bus ridetook forever, but we got to the big 4 caravan park in Ballarat, were we where staying for 3 days and 2 nights. Before we got to big 4, we went to the gold museum. It was all right but it was a bit boring. My favourite part was free time.  I think it was everybodies favourite time too, but I also liked costume school, because it was fun and we had to learn the alphabet backwards in the ragered school. The food at camp was ok and the best meal was Fridays lunch. It was fish and chips yum! At the end of Friday at costume school I got a job at the New York bakery. We  went back and changed back in to school uniform and had time to spend my money, and ofcourse I learnt a little bit more than school to day. Next time I will buy my mum a better candle. Year six camp was really good!

What I know a bout Australia now

Australia was split in to 6 separate counters.
Tasmania was Sum time ago.
I have known idea how Henry park is.
because world war 1 and 2
The prime minister
I have known idea what year we became a Nation
I think it was Alfred Deakin
Because we’re nice people
I know that it was about miners that didn’t have license and the government did like that.
World war 1 and 2
Alfred Deakin and Neil Armstrong the 1st on the moon

circumference radis and dimater


On Monday and Tuesday my class and I were learning Geometry in Maths. We learnt mainly about  Circles. I learnt about Circumference, Radius and Diameter. Circumference Is the measurement of the outside of the Circle. Radis is the measurement from the centre of the Circle to the outside of the Circle. The Diameter is measurement from one side of the Circle to the other crossing through the centre point. Pi = 3.14

Book week

This week is book week around Australia. Nearly the whole has got a famous book on there door. We  went around the school to find  our favourite door art here’s my favourite one.image

William Bligh biography

imageWilliam Bligh he was a man how you would probably consider nice but some times mean. He was very loud. After 42 years he joined the military he became a caption for years

In his long stay of military he finally went to Australia the year 1808 to stop the rum rebellion. Sadly he died in that campaign.

After six months he began to give up. That day loud bangs on his door one big angry mob wher there.and that was the day he died.

he was important because he took a place and tried to stop the rum rebellion.

Performance Day



On Monday the 30th November our school did some awesome sing I was so excited but than I Felt bubbly when I got up on the stage. In the hot sun we all sat burning

Thanks a lot Miss Wencel.

It was so cool we were having so much fun.

Cp Australia



I went to cp Australia it is about people how have cp like Brent and he is 25 years old.Cp Australia is a website.

I think the short life story is never give up and never judge someone by their looks.

if you what to read more click on the photo.

Crazzy sock and shoe day

To day at school we are doing crazzy shoe and sock day. It is funny because some boys are wearing high heels.