Flag reported

imageAustralia flag

The Australia flag was made in September the 3 1901.
There was 3 different ones the last one is the flag we all know today.

The blue on the Australian flag means the sky and the ocean
And the group of stars is the suthern cross. It has seven points representing the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. Up in the left corner is the Union Jack it stands there for the history of Australia from the United Kingdom.

Roald Dahl quotes



Today I’m doing some Roald Dahl quotes Mr Rogers MADE me do it.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.It means that your amagnation is grat and can keep going and you always look lovely “???

This quote made me think and keep trying.

My goals 2015


imageToday we talked about a setting a learning goal. My Learning goals for this term will be about English mathsematics and learning behaviour.

My you can do it goal is to improve my ability to be more organsed with my i pad and my diry and my locker I will have my i pad charged and at school ever day and my blog up to date.

In English I will focus on reading. At home because it will help me read better and communicating.

in math I will focus on my times tables my 5.4.3 at home and at school on tt me or with a dice.


Farmer duck

imageHi I’m in year four my teacher read us a picture story book.It was farmer duck it has Hidden messages in it.

This is about a duck how has to do all the work on the farm. The man is very lazy and does nothing. One night the cow the sheep and the chickens make a plan to get rid of the farmer.