Sovereign hill Camp reflection

On may the 10th, we had to get up early and we all got to school at 7:30 to 7:45. The bus ridetook forever, but we got to the big 4 caravan park in Ballarat, were we where staying for 3 days and 2 nights. Before we got to big 4, we went to the gold museum. It was all right but it was a bit boring. My favourite part was free time.  I think it was everybodies favourite time too, but I also liked costume school, because it was fun and we had to learn the alphabet backwards in the ragered school. The food at camp was ok and the best meal was Fridays lunch. It was fish and chips yum! At the end of Friday at costume school I got a job at the New York bakery. We  went back and changed back in to school uniform and had time to spend my money, and ofcourse I learnt a little bit more than school to day. Next time I will buy my mum a better candle. Year six camp was really good!